About the Author

Justin Shaltz

I've been learning from Shakespeare all my life. Let me share a little about what drives my interest in theater.

Photo by Candace Beatty


Justin Shaltz attended high school in the south suburbs of Chicago and graduated with Honors from DePaul University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in English literature. He took a Master's degree in English with High Honor from the same University in 1992.

Justin began writing critical analyses of Shakespeare theatrical productions and films for Shakespeare Bulletin in 1992. His first assignment was the International Theatre Festival of Chicago, and about 100 of his articles have since been published in the quarterly journal.

Justin joined the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee in 1995. The Committee has been honoring Chicago-area Equity and non-Equity theatres with the "Jeff" awards since 1968. Justin was elected to the Executive Committee in 1997 and in two terms produced four awards ceremonies at the Park West theatre. In six years with the Committee, Justin evaluated nearly one thousand stage productions.

Justin served on the Board of Directors of Circle Theatre in west suburban Chicago from 2002 to 2004, and two of his original full-length stage plays were presented there in staged readings.